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Definition Positive - Atmospheriq Tides 2019Jan10 Ep46 Fahari

recorded live on dnbradio.com

podcast id: 37578 | 2019-01-11 07:07:51 - 120.8 MB

Genre: Drum and Bass Mood: Various Label: DNBRADIO

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Additional Info:

Atmospheriq Tides 2019Jan10 Ep46 Fahari


(Salem/PDX, Oregon, USA)

With a blend of almost every genre, Fahari has created her own unique sound that is unlike any other. She\'s killing the game right now. Making her own lane and encouraging other female artists in her community to do the same. She is a self taught singer, song-writer, and producer in multiple genres. She has acquired over 10, 000 for production hours and her song writing has been praised by some of the best in the business locally and within the recording industry. We haven\'t seen even a fraction of her potential as she is able to play almost any string instrument by ear, has the innate ability to write and create original content upon request, and seems to have an unending well of words to express the human condition. Racking up numerous accolades in her only five year career, Fahari is currently focused on creating a signature sound and strengthen her fanbase to allow her to live her dream of touring the west coast year around and becoming a celebrated Pacific Northwest treasure and national song writer and vocalist.

(971) 240-9903



After broad exposure to Jazz, Salsa, and R&B growing up, Donahue aka Definition Positive learned to appreciate the deeper side of some of these genres, and how it affects and drives emotion. His passion for music and mixing exploded in the Los Angeles rave scene during the mid 90\'s, nurturing this new love for electronic music. Once experiencing Drum and Bass, he shifted gears permanently; realizing that this style was the missing part of his \'musical soul.\'

Former resident DJ at Nova Express Cafe, Futurebound Radio, LA, and LiquidBass_net, Def Pos became an LA staple representing these unique sounds. Since relocating to Salem, guest appearances have included Bassdrive, Signal Flow Radio LA, DnBTV and countless live performances all around Oregon with some heavy-hitters such as the Bachelors of Science, Artificial Intelligence, Ben Soundscape, ASIDES, Calculon, MC Question Mark, DJ Marky, and more.

Now host of the weekly radio show \"Atmospheriq Tides,\" Thursday\'s on DNBRADIO.com, and resident artist at JUICE! Drum and Bass nights in Portland, Def Pos delivers soulful grooves and funky baselines with a level of quality and sound not to be missed.

Twitter: @def_pos
Skype: def.pos


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