Multiple ways to connect.

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How to Join

We are on Discord as well as Quakenet IRC. Both of these servers are synced so everyone can chat with eachother regardless of which server they are on.

IRC Webchat (no account required)

You can find us on #dnbradio on Quakenet using your own IRC client or utilize the webchat client below. This IRC channel is synced with our Discord so that you can chat from either location and be connected to the main chat room.

Join via Discord (best for mobile)

Our Discord server will allow you interact with the chat community from any device. Discord provides a client for mobile and desktop users.

Bot Commands

Type !help in the channel to get the current list of bot commands.

  • !np - shows what's "now playing" info
  • !shazam - use this during a live show to get the current playing track
  • !sched - shows the upcoming schedule
  • !rate x - rate the current playing track (x = 1 thru 10)
  • !count - shows current listener count
  • !donate - shows donation info
  • !quote - show a random quote said by someone in the chatroom
  • !boh - show the boh-meter

NOTE: with "bot" next to their name is chatting via IRC. This is because we are using a bot to sync the two chatrooms.

Other IRC Clients

Get a seamless fully-fledged IRC experience by installing a native IRC client on your computer.

mIRC (Windows) - FREE
HexChat (Windows, Linux) - FREE
Textual (MACOS) - PAID
IRC Cloud (iOS, Android, Windows, MACOS, Web) - PAID

Server: QuakeNet (
Channel: #dnbradio

Alternatively, you can visit the website to choose the server for your country and then /join #dnbradio after connecting to the server.