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Heavy Signal and Soulvent Records - Heavy Signal Takeover

recorded live on dnbradio.com

podcast id: 28118 | 2015-07-29 15:12:14 - 101.1 MB

Genre: Drum and Bass Mood: Various Label: Soulvent Records

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Additional Info:

We return to the Silver Bullet on the 20th of August with the Soulvent Records crew to mark the release of their forthcoming Soul Sessions Vol. 1 Compilation.

Featured artists for the night will be Pola & Bryson, Glaive, Data 3 and Digital Artifacts, along with our Heavy Signal residents Ikarus b2b eXswitch and Common Knowledge, binging you fresh drum and bass, cheap drinks & summer soulful vibes all night!



Pola & Bryson
Data 3
Digital Artifacts
Ikarus b2b eXswitch
Common Knowledge

Hosted by: Siege, Lengman & Fate

Free entry before 10pm // £3 after

After launching in January 2014, we now step into unknown territory as we bring you our first official LP. Soul Sessions Vol. 1 is the coming together of artists all over the continent and beyond, to form a dynamic showcase of the music we're all about at Soulvent Records. All tracks are brand new, exclusive & essential. Label familiars include the likes of Belgian producer Diego Torres, Pola & Bryson, Data 3 and Soulvent's first exclusive signing, Glaive. Soul Sessions Vol. 1 also see's the debut for some of the most exciting new talents on the scene. Las Vegas based brothers Blacklab, London locals Digital Artifacts and Elka ??" hailing from the Estonian capital of Talinn are all featured on the project. After months of tireless planning in Pola's home, East London, the album drops at the height of the summer and articulates perfectly both what the Soulvent sound has become, and what the future could hold for us.


- www.heavysignal.co.uk
- www.soulventrecords.com
- events@heavysignal.co.uk

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