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FlApJaCk - OvErLoAd PT 66 DeFaUlT ReCoRdInGs ShOw

recorded live on dnbradio.com

podcast id: 25971 | 2014-07-26 13:19:31 - 151.9 MB

Genre: Drum and Bass Mood: Various Label: DNBRADIO

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Additional Info:

Undaground sounds with Default Recordings Label Owner Flapjack. OUT NOW on Default Recordings DSP - MINIMAL FUNK / GET BACK OUT NOW on Default Recordings PIERCEY - COMING BACK / VENDETTA OUT NOW on Default Recordings WHATSON - SPECIAL PLACE / BREATHE IN OUT NOW - FOUREYE - JUST WHAT WE NEED / THE END. 5 TRACK BOUNDARIES EP PART 1 OUT NOW! WITH SPECIAL GUEST SAXXON REMIXING QST-RED DWARF, COOLHAND FLEX, PHRASE & WEST, PIERCEY & WEST & FOUREYE Feat KONA OUT NOW BOUNDARIES EP PART 2 FEAT QST, WHATSON, FOUREYE, WEST & CAT KNIGHT, PIERCEY. OUT NOW NAKED OBJECTS - POLAR SHIFT! OUT NOW - QST & PHRASE - DUSK / QST - DAWN! OUT NOW - BASS SHERIF - COMEDOWN / THE BOT. OUT NOW - WHATSON - LIVE TODAY / OUT IN THE DARK. FORTHCOMING 18.08.14 - KIDSAN - MINUTES / REALITY / ALL I NEED Buy from all good Digital Download Stores. More Info: www.defaultrecordings.co.uk KMAG Interview: http://www.kmag.co.uk/editorial/news/introducing-default-recordings.html http://www.kmag.co.uk/editorial/news/default-recordings-push-the-boundaries.html Default Recordings on Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/defaultrecordings/tracks Default Recordings on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Default-Recordings/208902982589941 Default Recordings on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Defaultrec - See more at: http://dnbradio.com/podcast/livesets/view/25770#sthash.7f3HpA61.dpuf - See more at: http://dnbradio.com/podcast/livesets/view/25811#sthash.TKENoM1d.dpuf

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