Affirmation - The Truth Hertz EP269 16.05.24 1,364 plays

May 16, 2024 Drum n Bass DNBRADIO

Affirmation Dj

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Welcome to EP 269 of the Truth Hertz show with Affirmation Dj!

Every Thursday from 6pm we travel across the whole DNB/JUNGLE spectrum, showcasing every corner of this fantastic genre we know and love so much!

THIS WEEK.... we have an absolutely jampacked show of the filthiest NEURO & Dark dnb from some of the biggest brands in the subgenre...we're talking Eatbrain, Neuropunk Records, BrainRave Music, Boomslang Recordings, Dirtbox Recordings, BEAST and even a first glimpse at DARKSHIRE who've fired me some absolute FIRE.

If you fancied having your face melted off....this is the episode for you.

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