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May 2, 2024 Drum n Bass DNBRADIO

Affirmation Dj

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Welcome to EP 268 of the Truth Hertz show with Affirmation Dj!

Every Thursday from 6pm we go across the whole DNB/JUNGLE spectrum, showcasing every corner of this fantastic genre we know and love so much! Every week is different and quite often shows are constructed based on niche themes, or tailored to whole sub genres. I also run a showcase feature which delves into a whole artists, labels or brands content!

Regardless of the theme or content there will always be the freshest and hottest music for you!
I'm eternally blessed to receive promo/exclusives from many labels across each sub genre of DNB, and hold a massive library/ archive to delve into each week to add a nice bit of nostalgia too.

SO LOCK IN for the freshest beats, dubs, exclusives and bangers from all ages of DNB/ JUNGLE.

THIS WEEK....We've got a lovely cache of liquid promo's to tap into alongside some rollers and a splash of dancefloor!
Proper rolling groovin' and deep vibes.

Recorded live on

Thanks for listening!

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