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Arietta - BASS Movement Vol. 130 featuring Saltee

recorded live on dnbradio.com

podcast id: 43891 | 2021-08-01 22:01:46 - 106.6 MB

Genre: Drum and Bass Mood: Various Label: DNBRADIO

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Additional Info:


Saltee (Phil Scilippa) has been rising in the ranks among Denver\'s elite Drum & Bass producers and DJs. Honing a style that fuses elements of progressive metal, death metal, and djent with neurofunk, Saltee\'s latest works serve up relentless energy and grit. Recently remixing tracks from metal bands like Stellar Circuits and Ocean Grove, Saltee is looking to expand on the Metal / Drum & Bass fusion that he\'s becoming known for, while still providing a breadth of sounds across the entire spectrum of Drum & Bass.

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