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    [HOW TO]: Tuning Into DnBRadio

    *note It is always best to refer to your player for the current track title. AAC+ and OGG formats tend to have up to a 5 minute delay and may appear off-sync in comparison to the website.

    DnBRadio HTML5 Web-player

    • Our web-player is probably the most dynamic experience available to listeners. It features quick switching between channels and allows you to dig into track info. There are also more forthcoming features to the web-player which will enhance your experience.

    • Access it at

    • The web-player works for both Desktop and Mobile experience. Simply go to on any browser.
    Winamp/iTunes/and most players

    Windows Media Player Links

    If none of the above links work you can install these free players:
    • Winamp (Windows)
    • iTunes (MacOS)
    • Windows Media Player (comes with Windows).


    If you have problems loading any of these links, you may be able to open one of the alternate links below by doing CTRL + L on winamp -or- File | Open Url on Windows Media Player and pasting the ip and port of one of our servers listed here:

    If you have any troubles. Please post them in a new thread in the Help/Support section.
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