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/dnb/FSOL/Papa New Guinea (Papa Has A Brand New Guinea)

FSOL - Papa New Guinea (Papa Has A Brand New Guinea) (2003)

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Papa New Guinea (Nu Tone Rmx)


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Drum & Bass

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59 weeks ago

**This tune is not currently available for request.

Latest User Comments

user by Big Dazza 84 weeks ago
to anyone who remembers this tune!
user by clarkee 104 weeks ago
i probably rated this before...
user by budd[wrk] 173 weeks ago
user by laudarch 213 weeks ago
lifting me up
solid tune, prefer the spor remix tho :)
user by Loiseau2n 264 weeks ago
This Sound just r0cks its mother !!!
user by marvel 276 weeks ago
For Pahsa!
user by Zephyr 296 weeks ago
Nice feel
user by geronimette 305 weeks ago
Makes me wanna kiss the next person - such a tune!
user by geronimette 305 weeks ago
totally with you there! :-)
user by Br4ss P!g30n 305 weeks ago
user by drum_tek 339 weeks ago
an amazing remix of an absolute classic, wicked!
user by k0ntrabnd 343 weeks ago
9 secks
user by xcountry 345 weeks ago
cooool songa
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